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Why the World Should Read

Hey, Dreamers!  I have noticed recently that reading has become less and less talked about in society. Maybe it's just the people I'm around, but no one is running over to their friend's house to fangirl over books anymore. The phrase, "Oh my gosh, this book I'm reading...." isn't used as much as it should be. A lot of young children and tweens find that reading is boring, and would rather play on an electronic device instead.  Okay, so, confession time. I do love my iPhone. The games are fun, it glows, and there is always something new to entertain me. (By the way, the game Disney Emoji Blitz is AMAZING.) The instant gratification that comes with an electronic device is satisfying, I'll admit that. But then the thrill immediately wears off, and you are left wanting more.  Not with books.  Books have the ability to transform you. You get to see the world through someone else's eyes. You can escape into a land or circumstance that can change you. 
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Introductions and Salutations!

 Hello, Dreamers! I am Kendall, and welcome to my blog!  A little about me to start off... I am the daughter of a Super Hero. My Father is saving the world. John 3:16 I am obsessed with anything Broadway, Disney, and Reading. I have  Bibliophilia, which is the love and obsession with the written word.  I love hanging out with friends, dominating in karaoke, going out for ice cream, jamming to music, walking around with a novel in my face, and watching hilarious YouTube videos. I also am currently obsessed with watching makeup tutorials. Anyone else? 😂  My plan with this blog is to be an encourager or a bright spot in someone's day. If I can get you to smile, then my scheme is complete.  I will be having Book Spotlights where I review books that are popular or that are in my library. Recommendations are always welcome, but please keep in mind that I have limited resources (Thanks Covid).  I also love to laugh and sometimes that can get me in trouble.  🤭  I will post links to the